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Winter charging

Winter smart charging

Be winter smart. Charge your battery. Keep moving.

Your battery has to work so much harder to get your car started in colder weather. Your battery’s performance can also reduce by 35% when temperatures hit freezing and fall by as much as 50% if temperatures fall below zero.

So not only is your battery working less efficiently when the thermometer starts to drop, you’re also running the risk of vehicle breakdown, which can be expensive, not to mention extremely inconvenient.

So, when its cold outside, it’s absolutely essential to keep your battery fully charged and maintained with a reliable, efficient charger. And you’ll be reassured to know that you can rely on CTEK’s easy to use battery chargers to keep you out on the road, whatever the weather.

Peace of mind for cold weather starting

Charge your battery, extend its life

Avoid winter breakdowns

CTEK CS FREE. Portable winter charging with Adaptive Boost

CS FREE uses CTEK’s patented Adaptive Boost technology to get you safely back on the road if you find yourself stuck out in the cold with a dead battery.

It’s fully portable, so you don’t need access to a power outlet, just connect it to your battery and CS FREE will gently give you just enough charge to get your vehicle started again, in just 15 minutes.

CS FREE is sensitive and safe, unlike most boosters or jump starters that can cause expensive damage to your battery and your vehicle’s electronics.

CS FREE operates in temperatures as low as -20˚C (-4˚F) and you can use it is a portable powerbank to charge up your phone, tablet and other devices too.

When connected to the mains, solar power or a 12V leisure battery, CS FREE also works as a smart battery charger and maintainer, to keep your battery in the very best of health, and extend its life.

CTEK CS FREE – features

  • All set for winter battery charging?Your battery performs best in winter when it’s in peak condition
  • Four cutting edge products in one portable unit – Adaptive Booster, battery charger, smart maintainer and high tech powerbank
  • Fully portable, take it with you wherever you go
  • Adaptive Boost gets a dead battery safely charged, ready to go in 15 minutes
  • Use it with mains power, solar power or a 12V leisure battery for maintenance charging
  • Charges and maintains all types of 12V lead-acid battery, including lithium
  • Connect via the USB-A and USB-C ports for charging laptops, smartphones, tablets and cameras
  • Simple to use – no modes, just a clear, easy to read display
  • Internal battery charges up within one hour
  • Stays fully charged for up to a year

CTEK CT5 TIME TO GO. Super simple. Super smart. Super safe.

CTEK’s CT5 TIME TO GO is the perfect tool for winter battery charging and maintenance.

It has built-in temperature sensing capabilities, so it’s just what you need for continuous maintenance and top up charging.

It’s fully automatic, and super safe – you can leave the CT5 TIME TO GO connected to your vehicle’s battery all winter and it’ll never under or over charge your battery.

CT5 TIME TO GO – features

    • All set for winter battery charging?Your battery performs best in winter when it’s in peak condition
    • Fully automatic charging – gives your battery just the charge it needs – no more, no less
    • Tests and restores battery capacity
    • Built-in temperature sensing capabilities
    • Countdown indicator shows when you can restart your battery and how long to go till fully charged
Three charging and maintenance programs – Normal, AGM and Recond
  • Non sparking and reverse polarity protected
  • Compatible with all types of 12V lead-acid batteries including Wet, Calcium, GEL, and the AGM and EFB batteries fitted to Start/Stop vehicles.
  • Free 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

CTEK’s tips for smarter winter charging

#1 – Keep it charged
Get into a routine of regularly maintenance charging your battery to keep it in the very best of health.
#2 – Beat the cold!
Remember that your battery needs that little bit of extra TLC in the colder weather – use your CTEK battery charger to keep you safely on the road as temperatures plummet.
#3 – Save money, save the planet
A well maintained battery can last up to three times longer than a neglected one, reducing wastage and saving you money to boot!
#4 – Get winter smart
Don’t get stuck out in the cold with a dead battery – take care of your battery and it’ll take care of you.

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”