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"CTEK battery chargers are the best chargers I have used. They are compact and attractive in design when compared to many other chargers in the marketplace. It is the only battery charger I use to charge my personal vehicles ('71 Dodge Challenger and 2013 Victory Vegas 8-Ball Motorcycle) they also have the pigtails for easy connections. They are easy to use and give you a visual lighted display of where they are in the charging process. I have also used the Battery Sense device in my new 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 truck to keep an eye on the health of the battery while traveling or any time that I want or feel the need to check it. I have also used them in my classroom with high school auto tech students to keep the shop vehicles fully charged. My students used the 7002 model and the 25000 model. They are so easy to use, that my students never had to worry about settings or hooking up the charger incorrectly. These are amazing chargers that work and give you visual indicators of what is going on. What more can you ask for out of a charger? Thank you CTEK for making a great product!"

"I received two replacement pig-tail covers for my battery charger today. Thank you for such prompt attention to my need for a replacement cover.
It is unusual in today’s world to find a company that responds to customer needs as quickly and considerately as you and your company did.
Any future needs I have will be directed toward your products."

"Sorry, I missed your email. I do appreciate the follow-up and that your company stands behind its products; especially products that work as advertised. I will definitely recommend your company and products to my friends. Thanks again."

"Best Charger Ever! My old charger would always boil over the battery. No problem with CTEK !!!"
Gary D

"Great charger by the way. I upgraded from a Battery Tender and your product is far superior."
Douglas L

"Thanks, Leo for your help and speedy reply.
That is what I call excellent customer service."


Thank you for helping me select the right battery charger for my ’92 Volvo 240, sedan.
I was surprised that you responded so fast to my late, rather-lengthy, voicemail request. If you recall, I did not even leave a return phone number.
You are, in my opinion, one of CTEK's best in professionalism and in helping customers get their order prepared.
In other words, your competition was recently left in the dust, as you drove off with the sale, for the benefit of CTEK and to your credit.
Thank you, again. May God bless you my dear friend— this very day, & always."
Steve M


I tend to hold companies to high standards of excellence, which sadly is rarely met. And those same standards are NEVER exceeded – until now! Sent my unit off at the local UPS Store at 5:45 PM on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. Arrived at your facility sometime the next day – thanks to UPS! My claim was examined, approved, and a new – replacement piece was ready for shipment LATER THAT SAME DAY! Much to my amazement – the new charger was at my doorstep on Friday afternoon. A 48-hour turn-around! Un-heard-of!!! I cannot fully express in words my complete and total satisfaction as to the handling of this warranty matter by your entire staff at CTEK.

Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost.

Case-in-point: One of my other chargers was misbehaving. Had NO idea to what extent what with only TWO status lights. Indicated normal performance. Turns out – it over-charged my battery, cooking it into oblivion. So I was out not only a bad charger, but also a PERFECTLY GOOD BATTERY!

Will NEVER own that brand again. Only CTEK battery chargers will have the privilege of occupying space in my garages for any of my prized collector cars.

Just felt you deserved to learn how my experience with CTEK customer service turned out. I couldn’t be happier. Please let everyone else involved know of my outcome and complete satisfaction.

Kudos to CTEK!

Best Regards –

Gary S



Our shop has been family owned and proudly serving Brookfield for over 50 years. We have been using the Multi US 25000 since November and can’t imagine using another shop-grade charger. It has a mode for just about any scenario that a professional would encounter in a fast-paced shop. It’s small, lightweight, portable, or can even be hung on a wall. This charger really brings a new meaning to the term “smart charger.” It reads the battery state, and charges accordingly periodically checking itself. One feature that I liked personally was the built-in temperature sensor. You can leave a battery on this charger and rest assured that when you come back to it, the battery is ready for installation. In the direction that this industry is going, the days of the old, bulky, inaccurate charger that you have to wheel out of the corner is disappearing. Having one or two of these hanging on your wall will be more than enough to sustain your shop. Thank you, Matt Ingram, and thank you CTEK.
Andrea Filippelli, manager and mechanic at F.J.S. Automotive in Brookfield, IL



I own two of these excellent chargers – they are very simple to operate and very durable. The chargers are weatherproof, and you can permanently mount them in the engine compartment with the provided ring terminals, or just use the alligator clips.
Richard M

This is the best charger ever. I have a lead plugged into my motorcycle and 2 cars and I rotate it between the 3 of them and they start up like the battery is brand new. This will pay for itself just in not having to buy a new battery. Don’t think you’ll find something similar at Walmart for half the price. Don’t go cheap as this is the best and well worth it.
Slippery Pete

I bought my first one several years ago and it has worked flawlessly. Now that we are gone for weeks at a time, I bought another one for my second car. It too is excellent. Thank you CTEK!
Laird of Laidley

It’s been hooked up for 2 weeks now and works quietly, reliably and will save me the hassle of remove/replacing the battery every time I want to fire up the car or let it sleep.
Jonathan M

No buttons, small, no fuss, works like a dream.
N. Watson

The product is very streamlined and easy to use. The price is very reasonable compared to other products (which are unusually big and bulky). I’m extremely satisfied with this product and highly recommend it.
Amazing Awaits

The battery charger worked as advertised. The instructions were spot on and I was successful recharging my dead 12V car battery. This small portable charger is a great buy for the price.
J. Seastrom

I bought this to charge a dead battery and by the next day, the car started like a champ. I’ll be using it to maintain the battery from here out when I have the car in storage and don’t expect any more battery problems.
A.C. Smith


There is a reason for all the positive statements: this CTEK charger is a quality product that works as promised. I shouldn’t have to comment further.
B. Procell

I’ve been using this on my tractor to keep the battery charged, and it’s working great. When I know I won’t be using the tractor for a while, I hook this up and let it go to work. I haven’t had any issues starting the tractor since I’ve been using this. I also used it once to recharge the battery on my SUV when it had run low and wouldn’t start. Worked like a charm.
S. Egbert

There seems to be a ton of cheap chargers on the market that will do one or the other but this was one of the few that would do it all.

The charger performs as good as it’s advertised. I’m in a power wheelchair and the batteries weren’t holding a charge like when they were new. The CTEK has brought them back to full power. We also used it on our farm tractor with the same results. Its lite and easy to use, hardly make any mistakes with the simple controls. I’m buying another one for my son.
Albert P

I feel much more comfortable keeping one of these connected for battery maintenance than the old-style dumber chargers.
D. Gardner

This CTEK remembers the mode you last had it in and starts charging in that mode the next time you plug it in – this was perfect for our application.
David Q


In a few words, this is the one 12V battery charger even I can use – as in me being more computer technical than automotive technical person :)…My impression so far is of a well built, complete battery charging set that’s easy to use and comes with a well-written manual that can make even non-professionals like me look like ‘experts’.
A. Dent

This charger came recommended by a friend, I was very surprised at the quality of this unit, the cables are very high quality and it does its job without hum or buzz.
S. Lyde

Decided to get a battery charger to keep the battery up on our riding lawnmower. I knew this was a good one because I have used one like it for years without any trouble on my motorcycle. You could say it has been plugged in for years doing its job. I am 100% happy with it.
Richard K

I bought this battery charger to keep my ATV battery charged during periods of non-use. The charger is well made & looks like it will last a long time. I wired the included battery hookups so that I can hook up the charger without removing the seat to access the battery. Excellent product.
K. Hall

I plugged the CTEK charger into a stored car and it brought the battery up to charge as per instructions. It now maintains the car as advertised on a maintenance charge. The CTEK works exactly as it is supposed to. The cigarette lighter adapter was a welcome addition.
Terry L

CTEK Comfort Connect Cig Plug

This unit is one of the best made add-on connectors you will run into. It fits perfectly and the wire is strong enough to be rolled up in my window with out breaking…It is a trouble free piece of equipment that keeps your car alive and well during the cold winter.
John H

Like all components of the CTEK system the cig socket charger is quality built with o-ring seals in the electrical portion to keep it dry and a firm grip on the socket.

If your buying a CTEK charger, you should go ahead and purchase the cig adapter. Very convenient when charging and maintaining battery.


“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”