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Find my car battery – A CTEK guide

Car battery

Not sure which battery type is in your vehicle? You’re not the only one! CTEK is commonly asked, “How can I figure out what type of battery I have?” By knowing what type of battery you have and accessing our battery charger choosing tool, CTEK can help choose a charger that perfectly goes with your car, motorcycle, SUV, battery and budget.

How can I find a vehicle’s battery?

Often, searching for the battery in your vehicle is very difficult! In newer vehicles, space may be limited, and you may find, when lifting the hood that the battery is not where you think it should be! In many vehicles, when you lift the hood, you’ll find the battery in a front corner. However, in most cases, you’ll find that the car battery is tucked in the trunk, or for weight distribution balancing, under a seat. On motorcycles, watercraft, and leisure vehicles, the battery should be easily found. Still can’t find the battery…locate your owner’s manual and search for battery location, that should help you find it.

You’ve found the battery! Now, exactly what type is it?

After you find your vehicle battery, try to see what battery type you have. Look for a sticker that explains battery chemistry. A few types are lead-acid, Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB), Gel, Lithium-ion.

Battery terminals:

Locate and investigate the battery terminals, is there a label or marking?

Owner's manual:

Your owner’s manual should have information on the battery installed in your vehicle. Look under pages referring to the battery chemistry, specification or conservation. 

Your ride:

Still can’t find the battery? Search your specific ride online. Or try your builder’s website. Lastly, call the dealership where you purchased your vehicle from and ask a professional.

You should now know your battery type and be able to research which charger is best for your needs. Check out our charger selection chart, this chart will help you find the correct battery charger for your vehicle, from CTEK’s award-winning range. In partnership, let’s CTEK your battery and maximize its achievement! Need additional assistance? Please reach out to our customer service team for support.

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