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Road to SEMA Distributor Introduction: Hoerr Racing Products


All of us at CTEK love our distributors. We'd like to take a moment to recognize one of our distributors, Hoerr Racing Products.

Hoerr Racing Products is a parts distributor that services the motorsports world and the high-performance aftermarket. With over 400 racing and high-performance product lines, Hoerr Racing Products is set up to provide their customers with the parts they need quickly and efficiently. They take pride that their customer base ranges from automotive enthusiasts to professional racing teams.

Hoerr Racing Products

Not only does Hoerr Racing Products distribute products, but they also offer custom manufacturing services to meet their customers' specific needs. They build custom fuel cells, radiators, and more. Additionally, their HRP Service Center can rebuild brake calipers and transmissions and repair and inspect clutches.

A Grassroots Start

The Hoerr name has been synonymous with racing since 1960. Names like Al Unser, Bobby Allison, Bill Christy, and Bobby Unser have all raced for R/A Hoerr over the years. In the mid-70s, Hoerr Racing teamed up with General Motors and earned them 6 National Championships and over 60 checkered flags in IMSA, SCCA Trans-Am Series, Professional Sports Car, and Grand Am.

In 1998, Hoerr Racing Products got its start, expanding into the racing parts business. The customers are involved from the beginning design process through the building and maintenance of their vehicles. Hoerr Racing Products is committed to providing their clients not only the parts to succeed, but the technical expertise.

The company expanded in 2001 with Hoerr Racing Distribution and in 2003, Hoerr Fabrication Services and HRP Rem Finishing Service division was created. Every part of Hoerr Racing Products is dedicated to providing the best products available, along with a cutting edge research and development team.

If you visit the Hoerr Racing Products Facebook page, you won't miss Crash, their German Shepherd and ambassador. He even has his own hashtag: #CrashTheHRPDog!

Even though Hoerr Racing Products has grown a lot from their original small business, this family-owned operation hasn't lost the values and integrity that has gotten them there.

Hoerr Racing Products Continues to Evolve

Not one to rest on their laurels, Hoerr Racing Products continues to look towards the future. Their manufacturing, retail, and distribution teams are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what can be done in the automotive world.

We appreciate all that Hoerr Racing Products does to distribute our CTEK products to our customers. Check out their website at to learn more about this outstanding distributor!

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#CrashTheHRPDog Crash the HRP Dog

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