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2022 SEMA Builder #2 Brian Corsetti

We had a conversation with the CTEK builders that are going to attend the SEMA show, these are their thoughts and ideas about SEMA and CTEK. This is Brian Corsetti.

Brian Corsetti

Brian Corsetti is a builder based in Los Angeles, California. He is passionate about motoring and has a shop where he is restoring and renovating cars. He will attend SEMA with three trucks, a 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser, a 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 and a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62.

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser:

Brian Corsetti 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser

He is calling this build "The General", a fully customized FJ62 with a modified LSA motor, custom interior, and custom gear. He has modified the truck with a LSA Motor with a 4L80 transmissions, suspension upgrades and a heat cured polyuria undercarriage.

1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60:

Brian Corsetti 1985 Land Cruiser

This is a 1985 Land Cruiser FJ60 on a 1997 FZJ80 frame; powered by an LS3 EROD and 6L80 transmission. The build modifications include frame, suspension, motor, powertrain, air lockers, custom interior, heated cooled seats etcetera.

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62:

Brian Corsetti 1990 Land Cruiser FJ62

The truck is Joel McHales build, a fully restored land cruiser with the LS3 EROD upgrade, with custom decals and our custom rack. He has modified the truck by a powertrain upgrade and accessories.
He was asked why he wanted to be a CTEK builder, “It gives me the right to brag about it. I am also honored that Brian Dowdy reached out to me, thank you”.

Brian Corsetti on social media:
Instagram: corsetticruisers
TikTok: corsetticruisers
Facebook: corsetticruisers
YouTube: corsetticruisers

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”