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Wise winter storage for smooth spring start ups

With the fall now upon us, it’s time to think about putting your summer vehicles away for the winter.

If you’ve been enjoying the summer in a classic car or a sporty roadster, CTEK has some top tips to make sure your car battery stays in healthy over winter, ready for a smooth spring start.

We all need a bit of extra TLC over the winter months, even when we’re tucked away inside, and your treasured summer vehicles are no different! Your battery will lose charge while your vehicle is stored as it’ll still be using power to keep things like your on-board computer, alarm system and central locking working. And drainage from your battery may be even greater this year after the hot summer we’ve had, because heat can put strain on a battery without you being aware of it.

A discharged battery is bad news for a number of reasons, and even a small drop in charge can affect battery health. This is because sulphate crystals can build up, and this can degrade the battery and reduce its charge capacity.

If a battery gets seriously discharged, your battery may even fail altogether and this can be costly - not just because you’ll have to fork out for a new battery, but also because battery failure can damage or compromise your vehicle’s electronics, which could put an even bigger dent in our wallet!

And that’s why CTEK recommends that you maintenance charge your battery at least once a month. A smart battery charger and maintainer like the CTEK CT5 TIME TO GO will keep your battery topped up and in peak condition through the winter, and you can be confident that the engine will be ready to start right when you need it, the moment spring comes around again. And not only that, regular maintenance charging can actually extend your battery’s life by up to three times, so it really is the smart choice for wise winter storage!

CTEK CT5 Time To Go

CTEK’s CT5 TIME TO GO is the perfect tool for winter battery charging and maintenance.

It has built-in temperature sensing capabilities and is fully automatic and super safe. You can leave the CT5 TIME TO GO connected to your vehicle’s battery all winter and it’ll never under or overcharge your battery. You just hook it up, then come back after the winter to a fully maintained battery and a vehicle that’s ready to spring into action when you are!

The CT5 TIME TO GO charges, conditions and maintains all types of 12V lead-acid batteries including maintenance free types and all chemistries including Wet, Calcium, GEL and the AGM and EFB batteries fitted to Start Stop vehicles. As with all CTEK products, the CT5 TIME TO GO is foolproof to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected for user safety, and comes with a free 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information, visit the winter storage page.

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”