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The best way to take care of your beloved truck or SUV

The majority of vehicles on the road today are trucks and SUVs. According to J.D. Power, trucks and SUVs represented 79.2% of new vehicle retail sales in February. Moreover, trucks have been the most popular type of vehicle registered in the last five years. The cars on the road are getting older as well, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics notes that the average age of a vehicle is 12 years. CTEK has some useful advice on how to best maintain your truck or SUV.  

Battery re-conditioning 

The battery is the heart of your vehicle and just as we need health checks when we get older, so does your vehicle. The battery will degrade when it gets older and if the battery isn’t working, it doesn’t matter how much you charge it. If you use a battery charger like the CTEK MULTI US 7002, you will ensure that the vehicle’s battery gets the ideal care. It has an 8-step program and even diagnoses if the battery is going to hold the charge.  

Regular battery maintenance 

As the technology in trucks and SUVs develops, more strain is placed on the battery. As a result of this, battery charging has become a vital part of battery maintenance. Just like you check your tire pressure or oil levels, you should always make sure that your battery is fully charged. CTEK recommends that you charge your battery at least once a month to keep your truck or SUV in top condition. This is even more important if you usually go on short trips because the alternator won’t be able to replace the charge. When you are driving, the alternator will only charge your battery up to 80% and that’s why it’s essential to have a battery charger.  

Adapting to weather  

Both warm summers and cold winters have a strain on your vehicle’s battery, sometimes without you even knowing it. This might not become apparent until it’s freezing outside and your vehicle refuses to start. In freezing conditions, your battery can lose up to 35% of its performance and up to 50% when it gets even colder. However, when you charge with your CTEK MULTI US 7002 this won’t be a problem anymore. It is robust, reliable and water and dust resistant (IP65 classification). The MULTI US 7002 is approved to be used from -4°F up to +122°F.  

Safe charging  

By following CTEK’s tips on how to maintain your truck or SUV, your battery is less likely to fail. Battery failure is the number one reason for truck and SUVs breakdown. Before you start charging, you need to know what kind of power output is needed; you also need to think about what kind of battery it is and which functions you wish from the charger. All of CTEK’s chargers are developed to be safe and easy to use. The MULTI US 7002 is spark free, reverse polarity protected, has a power supply mode and is short-circuit proof. Everything you need for a safe and reliable charging experience.   

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”