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Summer Heat Kills Car Batteries

Many people worry about their cars starting in the middle of the winter, but did you know that the summer heat can weaken your battery, too?

Heat can kill your battery

Learn about how heat affects your battery and why you need a CTEK smart charger to keep your vehicle ready to roll this summer.

How Heat Damages Your Battery

You know how the summer heat can take a toll on your body, making you thirsty and needing a refreshing drink. The same goes for your car battery. The high temperatures of a summer day can evaporate the liquids inside of your vehicle's battery, taking away its power.

Heat deterioration occurs when a battery gets hot, causing the inside parts to corrode. This impacts the amount of power that the battery has to start your car and keep it running. It may not be an instant problem, but it can start the battery on the road to ruin.

If your battery is already damaged, the heat can accelerate the corrosion or deterioration process. If the liquid in the battery evaporates, the damage can be irreversible and you will need to purchase a new battery. Once winter rolls around, the battery won't have enough power to turn the engine over. The cold of winter may have killed your battery, but the summer heat set the problem in motion.

Signs That Your Battery is Dying

Oftentimes the first time you know that there is a problem with your battery is when it won't start. However, there are usually signs that you can look out for before you're stuck with a dead battery. Some are obvious, while others may take some inspection.

If your engine is a little harder to start or the check engine or battery light comes on, then those are pretty strong signs that your battery is in trouble. Another sign is if your interior and/or exterior lights are dim. If any of these occur, you should check out your battery.

When looking at your battery, see if the fluid level is where it should be. Even though most batteries are sealed today, the liquid inside can still evaporate, especially if it is extremely hot outside. If the battery posts are corroded, you can clean them off with a cleaner, a baking soda paste, or even a bottle of cola. Use a wire brush to clean the posts after removing the corrosion. A dangerous warning sign is if the battery is bloated or swollen. The battery could be in danger of leaking or exploding and should be removed immediately.

If you have any warning signs that your battery is failing, you need to either charge it or replace it. A CTEK smart charger can tell you if your battery is able to be saved or not.

Keeping Your Battery Healthy

A CTEK smart charger can not only charge your battery, but rehab it, too. The fully automatic charging system lets you attach the charger and not worry about it again. It will test and restore the battery's capacity. If the battery is beyond help, it will tell you that also. This way you won't waste time trying to charge a damaged battery or causing more problems for the electrical system of your vehicle.

There are some other steps you can take to keep your battery at its prime during the heat of summer. The higher temperature will cause the battery to discharge quicker, so you may have to charge it more frequently than usual. Also, limit short trips. Your battery won't have enough time to recharge during the trip, so you might get stuck with a dead or weak battery.

Make sure both interior and exterior lights are shut off, phone chargers are unplugged, and other drains on the battery are stopped when the car is off. Drains on your battery while the car is not running will cause your battery to weaken or even fail.

You can park your car in a garage or in the shade to keep it out of the direct heat. Also, make sure that if your battery has a heat shield that is in place. This will protect the battery from heat from the engine and help keep the battery lasting longer.

Strong Batteries Mean Fewer Worries

You can have your battery tested at many locations, but if you have a CTEK smart charger, you can test and charge your battery wherever your car is. If you take care of your battery, it will take care of you. Contact us to learn more about how a CTEK smart charger can help keep your vehicle healthy and ready to go.

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