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Get Up Close with the MXS 5.0

When most people think of battery chargers, they think of a unit the size of a lunch box (or bigger!). Lugging that around, making sure you have it hooked up right, trying to decipher what the gauges, thank you!

Today's smartchargers are light years ahead of the battery chargers of yesterday. The MXS 5.0 provides eight steps to care for your battery. The system is fully automatic, all you have to do is connect it and let it do its job.

The MXS 5.0 contains a microprocessor with a built-in automatic temperature sensor, allowing the charger to completely charge your battery fully and safely. Regardless of the weather or vehicle type, the MXS 5.0 provides an outstanding charging experience.

Some of the features of the MXS 5.0 include a unique recondition method and the ability to charge batteries up to 110 AH and maintain larger batteries up to 160 AH. The charger is safe and easy to use: spark-free operation and reverse polarity protection are built-in. Your vehicle is also protected through exceptionally clean voltage and current delivery. There is no need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle while charging.

The eight steps that the MXS 5.0 take include:

Desulphation: Pulsing voltage sulfates from the lead plates of the battery, thereby restoring the battery capacity.

Soft Start: Tests if the battery can accept a charge. Charging begins if the battery is OK.

Bulk: Charging with the maximum current until the battery reaches approximately 80% capacity.

Absorption, Battery Ready to Use: Charging with declining current to maximize up to 100% of the battery's capacity.

Analyze: Tests if the battery can hold the charge. Batteries that cannot hold a charge may need to be replaced.

Recondition: Reconditioning function for deeply discharged batteries.

Float, Battery Fully Charged: Maintaining the battery voltage at maximum level by providing a constant voltage charge.

Pulse, Maintenance Charging: Maintaining the battery at 95-100% capacity. The MXS 5.0 monitors the battery voltage and gives a pulse when necessary to keep the battery fully charged.

Have some peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle's battery with the CTEK MXS 5.0 smart charger. CTEK products keep your vehicles ready to go safely and effectively.

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”