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CTEK is set to make a return to the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show in Indianapolis this week at booth #4506. Building on the positive experience of exhibiting in 2022, CTEK will once again showcase its performance products at the PRI Show, the premium motorsports trade show.

Bobbie DuMelle, President of CTEK North America, expressed pride in introducing CTEK's innovations to the motorsports industry last year, emphasizing how CTEK products can ease concerns for race terms by maintaining the peak performance of their race cars and powersport vehicles.

CTEK will present its comprehensive range of battery products designed for all 12 Volt batteries, including lithium variants, aiming to extend battery life and optimize both battery and vehicle performance. Given that race and powersport vehicles often undergo prolonged storage periods, the risk of battery discharge during storage is a significant concern. To ensure optimal performance, these vehicles, including their batteries, must be maintained in top condition.

The CT5 POWERSPORT, a highlight of the exhibition, guarantees racers are always ready for action. Equipped with dedicated programs for lead-acid and lithium batteries, this device ensures the best possible performance for vehicle batteries in various terrains—land, water, snow, or ice. The CT5 POWERSPORT, designed specifically for charging and maintaining powersport batteries, employs advanced technology with three fully automatic charging and maintenance programs: Normal for all lead-acid batteries, including AGM, and all 12V LiFePO4 batteries. Moreover, the CT5 POWERSPORT can be connected directly to the battery indefinitely without risk of overcharging or undercharging, providing the assurance that the battery is charged to capacity and ready for use.

On the racetrack, the versatile adaptive booster and portable charger CS FREE® enables on-the-go charging. The CS FREE®, a multi-functional device, addresses the increasing complexity of in-vehicle technologies by incorporating four cutting-edge products into one portable unit: Adaptive Boost safe start, battery charger, smart maintainer, and hi-tech power bank. Unlike traditional booster cables, the award-winning CS FREE® utilizes Adaptive Boost technology to safely give a dead battery a boost, starting the vehicle within just 15 minutes—a valuable asset for the starting line.

Reflecting on the positive reception at the PRI Show in 2022, Bobbie DuMelle expressed excitement about the anticipated success of the 2023 Show. The company looks forward to witnessing an increased presence of CTEK chargers in racetrack pits, further establishing their reputation in the motorsports community.

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”