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CTEK hits the airwaves with ‘Our Auto Expert’

Getting prepared for your summer road trip 

CTEK's Bobbie DuMelle and a CS FREE


CTEK’s Executive Vice President Bobbie DuMelle recently joined presenters on the popular Our Auto Expert radio show, which delivers auto news to around two million Americans, every day. 

The seven minute interview focuses on getting prepared if you’re planning a road trip this summer and, in particular, making sure your vehicle battery is fully charged and in the best of health before you set off.  

Bobbie explains how this is especially important if you’re planning to get away in a vehicle that’s been stored over winter because, when a vehicle is sitting or stored you’re not keeping the battery energized. “The longer it sits, the more degraded the battery gets, and even though your car starts, the battery may still be in poor health, which could leave you stuck on the road,” says Bobbie. 

And, as presenter Nik Miles says: ”No-one wants that! There’s nothing worse than going out on that beautiful summer road trip that you’ve been planning all year then being waylaid by something as simple as not having the battery working.”  

CTEK recommends that the best way to prepare for a trip is to get into a routine of maintenance charging your battery once a month. CTEK’s smart chargers, like the CS FREE, give your battery just the level of charge it needs, so you don’t need to worry about overcharging. ”You won’t ‘boil your battery’ and it’ll protect your vehicle’s electronics too,” says Bobbie. You can simply ‘set and forget’, and the charger will tell you when you’re fully charged, and when there’s enough charge in the battery to start the car. 

With the cost of living and gas prices on the rise, many Americans are looking to make their money stretch that little bit further, and Bobbie explains how investing in a smart charger like the CS FREE can save you money too. Regular charging prolongs battery life by up to three time- but that’s not all, battery failure can also harm your vehicle’s electronics, and the repair bills for this kind of damage could leave an even deeper hole in your pocket.  

The CTEK CS FREE is four great products in one portable unit - a battery charger, an adaptive booster, a hi-tech powerbank and a smart maintainer. 

You can take the CS FREE with you on your road trip and, if you do find yourself stuck with a dead battery, with no access to power outlets, the CS FREE uses patented adaptive boost technology to gently and safely give you enough charge to get you going in around 15 minutes.  

The CS FREE works on any type of 12V battery including RVs, ATVs (all terrain vehicles), motorcycles and even boats. It’s just one of many innovations from CTEK, who are this year celebrating 25 years of pushing boundaries, research and development.  

You can hear the interview on Facebook, starting about 44 minutes in.  

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”