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Let the outdoor adventures fill your senses with CTEK CS FREE

When you're a part of everything the wilderness has to offer in terms of freedom and beauty. Feel the ecstasy of being one with nature that floods your senses. It's also when you have to rely on things to work. When you know you'll be safe to travel and come home with peace of mind. It all boils down to planning ahead of time and packing efficiently. So, when you're lacing up your boots and packing your suitcase, be sure the CS FREE is ready to go.

A complete outdoor freedom with CS FREE


Because gadgets are crucial components in many hikers' backpacks, finding the finest power bank to keep them going on the route is critical. A smartphone is carried by most hikers, but you could also have wireless headphones, a rechargeable headlamp, and a fitness tracker that has to be charged while on the trail. Whatever your gear setup is, we know how frustrating it can be when anything runs out of power in the wilderness.

With CS FREE, you'll have a multi-functional portable charger at your fingertips and a world of mobility options. It's pure independence, with no fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. So you can remain out longer, maybe even pitch a tent, and enjoy a spectacular dawn. You may even take out your camera and photograph the sunset, or simply enjoy the stillness while browsing on your laptop, confident in the knowledge that you will return safely when you are ready.

All you have to do is charge it up, carry it around with you, and use it whenever you need it!

Stay connected with CS Free

Hikers nowadays are progressively adopting a variety of gear. This makes it more important than ever to verify that the power supply they have is genuinely enough.

Going into the great outdoors no longer means going off-grid, thanks to the finest portable battery chargers or power banks. And the ability to keep your electronics charged even while you're miles away from a power outlet has definite advantages. After all, in an emergency, a working phone can save your life.

CTEK CS FREE has the Smart Adaptive Boost technology, which allows you to charge your gears in a few minutes, even in the deepest, darkest woods! In comparison to typical battery backups, Adaptive Boost technology also provides absolute safety, with no chance of harming your gadgets.

CS FREE comes with a variety of attachments that you may use to prepare for any situation, such as charging your battery with a solar panel while camping.

Unplugged on your terms

We rely on batteries more than ever before. From those powering the


automobiles to those controlling our mobile gadgets. Batteries that must simply and unquestionably operate in order for us to be connected while still having the freedom to live and enjoy life as we see fit.

Portable battery packs are one of the requirements for hiking, and most hikers and backpackers should carry one. I strongly advise you to bring a power bank if you use a smart phone or GPS device on a trip for photography or hiking .

However, not every power bank is reliable. When carrying only one, make sure it is CS Free.

Relaiblity comes with CS Free

CS FREE allows you to charge and manage any 12V lead acid or lithium battery from anywhere. You may use it as a portable charger to charge your battery with mains power, or you can connect it to a solar cell kit or a 12V battery for total charging. It provides you with flexibility wherever you go. Unlike other power banks, CS FREE is sensitive and secure, so it avoids harming your gadgets by gently charging them to get you started. CS FREE is a smart maintainer and high-tech powerbank that keeps your batteries and technology charged and prepared.

Enjoy Award-winning functionality

• It is compatible with all 12V lead acid and lithium batteries.
• Suitable for use on motorcycles, automobiles, motor homes, and vans.
• It is safe to leave it connected for maintenance charging.
• Charges and operates using a 12V accessory plug, a 12V service battery, or a solar panel.
• Simple to use, simple to operate, simple to comprehend.
• Simple to transport or wall install with the optional CS Mounting Bracket.
• CS FREE attachments are compatible.
• Protects your battery, is safe and simple to use, and operates completely automatically.

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”