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Professional Grade Chargers

It is widely believed that the first modern battery was made in the late 1700s by Allesandro Volta. The technology has changed over the years from his early voltaic battery to the complex and efficient AGM batteries of today. Lead acid batteries were the first rechargeable battery available for commercial applications.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries work well, but they have a lot of drawbacks. The voltage needs to fall into a Goldilocks zone: not too high and not too low. If the voltage is too high, the battery's life will be shortened due to corrosion. If the voltage is too low, the negative plate can be subjected to sulfation. In addition, lead acid batteries are not able to handle deep cycling well. Each cycle takes a little of the battery's life, with the average battery having about 200 to 300 cycles in it before it is spent.

On the plus side, a lead acid battery has one of the best self-discharge rates at around 40% over a year. In comparison, a NiCad battery reaches 40% in about three months. For the exchange of cost vs efficiency, the lead battery has lead the market for decades.

AGM Batteries

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries were invented in 1980 and introduced in 1985 for military aircraft as a lighter, safer, more powerful, and more reliable alternative to lead acid batteries. The acid inside the battery is contained inside a thin fiberglass mat, making the battery spill-proof, unlike the traditional lead acid battery.

This maintenance-free battery offers high currents, low internal resistance, and longer service life than a lead acid battery. In addition, the charge rate is five times faster than a traditional battery. These characteristics make it a popular choice for high electrical loads, off-grid applications, and performance vehicles.

Charging Batteries Correctly

No matter the type of battery a vehicle has installed, they aren't cheap. Lead acid batteries can start around $50 for a cheap, small one with most costing over $100. An AGM battery can start around $200 and be two or three times more than that. It is important that you get the most life out of your battery and make sure they are at their optimum level at all times.

CTEK Smart Chargers make it easy to maximize the life of a battery, while monitoring, reconditioning, and charging old batteries. There is a line of professional grade chargers and accessories for mechanics, race teams, car dealers, and other people that need something a little bigger than the average consumer.

CTEK Multi US 25000

The Multi US 25000 provides a safe, quick, and effective charge for 12V batteries in garages, boats, RVs, cars, and other vehicles. The Multi US 25000 uses CTEK's 8-step automatic charging system to simply, safely, and quickly charge a variety of batteries.

The system not only can charge lead acid or AGM batteries, but it will also maintain them through an automatic pulse mode and desulfation process. The Multi US 25000 is powerful and flexible, making it a good addition to just about any garage.


The MXS 25EC is specifically designed for professional use with a wide variety of battery charging and maintenance features. With an automatic diagnostic function that determines if a battery is able to take or hold a charge, you won't waste time with a battery that can't be saved. The RECOND function can help an old battery back on its feet that other chargers wouldn't be able to save.

The Supply function provides clean power to support the battery and the electrical system of the vehicle during diagnostics and maintenance. The built-in temperature sensor allows the MXS 25EC is able to perform efficiently regardless of the weather.


With the ability to charge both 12V and 16V applications, the MURS 7.0 fills a niche in many garages. The charger is designed for 16V race cars and audio equipment, regardless of temperature or weather.

The MURS 7.0 offers fully automatic charging and can be left attached to the battery for months without overcharging. The 7-step process maximizes battery life and performance, letting you get the most out of your battery, whether its lead acid or AGM.

CTEK Pro Battery Tester

The CTEK Pro Battery Tester can test any 12V battery and electrical system for cars and light trucks. The integrated printer allows you to provide details immediately, including bad cell detection and the ability to test lead acid, AGM, and Gel batteries.

The tester can provide results easily, safely, and quickly without heat, sparks, or user interpretation. This allows the garage to provide good customer service with easily understandable information.

CTEK Battery Analyzer

The easy and accurate CTEK Battery Analyzer is safe and fast. Simply attach the analyzer to the battery and follow the on-screen instructions. The analyzer will test the battery in a matter of seconds with the results and suggestions appearing on the screen.

The CTEK Battery Analyzer can be used on any 12V lead acid battery safely, with no heat of sparks causing problems. The test is performed without putting a load on the battery and doesn't require the removal of the battery from the vehicle.

Professional Chargers for Professional Mechanics

Every product offered by CTEK is designed and tested to provide the best results possible, helping you to keep your vehicles and equipment running optimally.

“Having owned several of another ‘popular’ brand of charger, the CTEK is far and above superior in every possible category. WELL worth the miniscule additional cost. ”